Friday, March 2, 2007

Will Labor Back Dolar?

Both AFSCME and CFL supported Brewer, and gave him some money and ground troops. SEIU stayed out, but funded anti-Stone mailers.

Now, word is labor will hand-pick the runoffs to throw its weight into. So the $50-100k (or more) question is: will the 50th ward be one of those runoffs?

They absolutely should, because yes, Dolar only got 28.3% to Stone's 48.32%, but combined with Brewer's and Aftab's numbers, she outnumbers Stone. The unions could make the difference between Dolar convincing all of Brewer's supporters to come over or not.

Moreover, one of Stone's largest support bases is seniors, and good luck getting them to come out again.


Anonymous said...

It is hard to say if labor will back Dolar or not. Dolar has managed to piss off some of the union heads over the past few months, not least of all by trying to shame the CFL's 50th ward field director on her website. Not a smart move if she was planning on getting their support.

SEIU might support her, but their resources are far less than what they let on. In other words, they talk a lot bigger than they can deliver.

Bob B. said...

SEIU won't bother with Naisy. They are much more concerned about the wards where they have more members and where the results were closer. The unions didn't take Naisy seriously to begin with for a reason. If she was the only game in town I could see them supporting her. Since she isn't and there are much bigger fish to fry, she will not get their full support. The most they will do is write her some modest checks. That is better than nothing.

That business with the CFL guy on her website was pretty bad. Her advisors should be reprimanded for that.

Anonymous said...

It is sad to say but no, labor will not be backing Naisy Dolar. Both the CFL and SEIU have higher priorities in the city.

Anonymous said...

Aw, come on anonymous #1. You sound like Bridget Dooley. The little joke Naisy pulled was far more tame than the negative mailer that the Brewer camp put out.

And, everyone, by the way, SEIU and AFSME HAVE endorsed Naisy.