Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Truth Behind Brewer's Negative Mailer

I recently got an anti-Dolar mailer from Brewer, and felt the need to respond to the accusations made. Here are the three allegations made against Dolar on that mailer, and the truth behind them:

Statement 1: Dolar has connections to the "Machine" because she was on the Chicago Commission on Human Relations.

Truth: Dolar was on the CCHR, but it was in that capacity that she accomplished the removal of 24-hour parking meters illegally placed on Devon Ave. by Bernie Stone. That achievement does not sound like the product of machine politics.

Statement 2: Dolar has a family member on the city's payroll - her husband, a Chicago police officer.

Truth:Yes, Dolar's husband is a cop. Is that a bad thing? Is Brewer saying every single Chicagoan with a family member who risks their safety to protect the rest of us is ... corrupt and unfit for public office?

Statement 3: Dolar started an organization to encourage job placement among minorities while she worked for the city, and therefore abused her city position.

Truth: Dolar, in her personal time, started the organization referred to. But simply because she started the organization while she was working for the city doesn't make it an abuse of power. If that were an abuse of power, then all off-duty Chicago cops who moonlight as private security guards are abusing their city positions.


Anonymous said...

So glad you took this on--here's what Naisy's office writes about this. I love the idea of sending yellow roses! Link here:



Naisy Dolar sends bouquet of yellow roses to Greg Brewer

Chicago – Feb. 24, 2007 – In what may be a first in Chicago aldermanic elections, Naisy Dolar, candidate for alderman in the city’s 50th ward, sent Greg Brewer, another candidate in the 50th ward race, a bouquet of yellow roses to thank his campaign for distributing a mail piece that highlighted her role as the mayor’s liaison to the Asian American community, her husband Ben’s service as a Chicago police officer and her efforts to diversify the workplace. Dolar, who received the endorsement of both the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune, was surprised by Brewer’s generous gesture.

“When I first saw the piece I asked myself, ‘why would he do this?’ This is an independent grassroots campaign, so I appreciate the added help with his mailers,” said Dolar. “We have gained a lot of momentum lately, but little did I know my opponent would jump on the bandwagon.”

The mailer, which contrasts Brewer’s record with Dolar’s and incumbent Bernard Stone, shows that:

* Dolar is the only challenger to Stone who has City Hall experience.
* Dolar’s husband, Ben Cherek, is a Chicago police officer who stands with Naisy to serve the community.
* Dolar is the only challenger to Stone who is advocating for job opportunities for diverse communities.

In the note attached to the flowers, Dolar wrote:

“Greg, I’ve been waiting for the negative mailer, but was so glad to see the positives instead. Thank you, and see you in the neighborhood! - Naisy”

wellthatbackfired said...

Did you see the CFL guy, Jonas, wearing the pro-Stone "Age equals wisdom hat"? LOL