Sunday, February 25, 2007

Chicagoist-censored comment

At approximately 2am this morning, I attempted to publish the following comment in response to this post on Chicagoist. As of this moment, it appears my comment has been censored. Another comment that is dated after I posted mine has been approved and is already up.

To provide context, here are snippets from the blog owner's - Kevin's - previous comments:

"I've been unimpressed with [Dolar's] campaign, and it's lack of sophistication. . . . Admittedly, I don't live in the 50th Ward, but from what I can tell, people seem way more fired up about Brewer than they do Dolar. . . ."

"My analysis is based on my experiences both in the ward, and conversations I've had with people that live there. Just because I don't live in the 50th doesn't mean that I don't know what's going on there. "

Here is my comment:

Kevin, you're going to have to provide much more specific support for your conclusion. Because, from what I see - in addition to everything mentioned by [the previous poster questioning your anti-Dolar evaluation]:

1. One of Brewer's major mail pieces compared Stone to an old VW bus and seemed to imply (probably unintentionally) that old things must be gotten rid of - a pretty egregious faux pas considering the ward's many seniors. Another one of his mailers looked like an ad for a second-rate money-making seminar of the type you find in finance magazines. Pretty "unsophisticated." By comparison, Dolar's mailers discuss ward issues including education generally, ward schools, safety, and point out one instance of her standing up for ward residents by removing illegal parking meters put in by Stone.

2. Dolar's website is updated almost every single day with new content, and almost all of her literature is available online in both web-readable and downloadable formats. Brewer's site changes much less often and none of his literature is available on it.

3. As mentioned above, both NBC News and Chicago Tonight discuss how Dolar is in the best position to take Stone out of office (for NBC News, watch the NBC video, as opposed to the typed web article, to see the exact quote).

4. I have yet to see Brewer's campaign office with more than one dozen people at most, and over 90% of the time there are 3-5 people or less in there. Dolar's office is often jam-packed with 20-30 people on weekends who are eating, phone-banking, and warming up between door-knocking runs. Feel free to verify this with your own eyes today (Sunday), the last weekend day for phone and door canvassing.

5. As [the previous commenter] points out, Dolar's endorsement list continues to grow. Brewer's has frozen.

So, Kevin, are you going to provide more specific evidence to justify your "analysis," or are you just asking us to rely on your "experiences" and "conversations"?


k said...

great points!

Rachelle Bowden said...

Hello -

Just wanted to let you know that we're not censoring your comment, but that we have been having some problems with our backend and some comments didn't go through. Hopefully all issues are resolved now. Please try to repost your comment. Sorry for the troubles!

MomInThe50th said...

Great points?

The VW mailer was from the SEIU. Not Brewer. Good job on that one.

Who's Your Daddy said...


Umm, the VW mailer was from Brewer.

Perhaps you're thinking of the milk and eggs mailer, which was SEIU.